​​Chiropractic is an effective method of improving range of motion, reducing pain, and improving nerve, muscle, and organ function without the use of medicines. “Adjustments” are small, quick movements performed to realign the spinal canal in order to correct the body’s own maintenance and protective systems. The nervous system controls the whole body, and a nerve that isn’t working correctly can affect several muscles, tendons, and organs.
Chiropractic can complement a range of treatments in improving both performance and quality of life, while reducing the need for prescription medications.

We provide chiropractic care for equine, bovine, small ruminant, and small animal!
Is your horse an athlete or trail horse needing to stay fit & healthy; lame or “just ain’t right”; in training, but not progressing; behaving differently than normal; arthritic, cushingoid, foundered, or have another chronic problem?  Chiropractic can help!  Muscle fatigue and/or neuromuscular pain and weakness can increase the chances of being injured or produce some of the symptoms listed above.  Pain and weakness can result from a slight spinal misalignment or a pinched nerve.  Nerves control the entire body & chiropractic treats the whole body!
Do you have a dog or cat that doesn’t jump or climb stairs like they used to or has had a behavior or attitude change? These can be signs of pain in animals, as they are very resilient and cannot tell us what hurts! Even if your animal doesn’t have any problems, routine chiropractic care can actually prevent injuries!