Our Mission
We believe investing in the health of farm families and their animals through low stress, quality, preventative veterinary care and education is key for a balanced, sustainable, rural way of life. Through our unique client relationships, we make a difference in our community. Our place or yours, we are here for you. 

Our Commitment

Many of us grew up in a rural or farming community and we are passionate about sustaining that lifestyle.

Middle Tennessee Veterinary Hospital:
            ○ Strives to sustain the economic growth and lifestyles of the agricultural families we serve through providing exceptional care for their                 animals
            ○ Serves farmers and farm families to ensure their future from generation to generation
            ○ Is passionate about the animals we serve, their health, and welfare.
            ○ Strives to support the agricultural industry we serve, through education, investment in its future, and quality veterinary care.

What We Do:
    • We offer a unique client relationship through:
            ○Encouragement, support, and cultivation of clients and their businesses in order that they can achieve their greatest potential 
            ○Assistance in achieving a low stress, balanced farm lifestyle
            ○A Veterinary Client Patient Relationship that offers substantially more than a signature *See Services page for more info*
    • We offer warm, welcoming customer services that provides:
            ○Flexible scheduling, convenient services, availability, and follow-up care
    • We maintain prestigious records that provide data for:
            ○Proficient and efficient solutions to problems that arise and strategic economic decision making
    • We offer current, groundbreaking education for:
            ○Clients, students, and the agricultural community and investment in the future
    • We offer community events (for example: BSE Day) for:
            ○fun, education, and networking.
    • We offer Farm Visits and Haul-in facilities:
            ○Provide excellent, efficient, and safe treatment services and emergency care
            ○Focus on risk assessment and preventative medicine customized for your operation
     • We offer economic growth and stability for farm operations:
            ○"An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure."
                    ◙Treatment and Emergency Care is expensive
                    ◙Preventing problems before they occur is the best way to ensure healthy animals and a healthy lifestyle for you and your family.
                    ◙Although we believe that a veterinary client patient relationship is always necessary, we realize clients require and/or desire different                             levels of veterinary service. We work with our clients to determine the level of services they prefer.

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